You are invited to visit the following websites. As the mortgage loan and insurance sites are of a financial nature,

they have been added on trust. Please let me know your view of this!

(a) Some places of welcome for LBGTs in UK
Accepting Evangelicals
Some other personal sites, contributions;
Evangelical Fellowship for L&G Christians'  John Burgeson - see near bottom of his p.2
'Bournemouth MCC' (see also 'Related sites') Iain's blog - straight evangelical gay Christian sympathiser
Changing Attitude- an Anglican site
'LGCM' Christian Writers
Courage - formerly ex-gay; now supportive
(b) Parents and family support groups in UK Campaigning for LBGT & other human rights
'Family & Friends of Lesbians & Gays' Stonewall
Parents Enquiry Scotland
Amnesty International

(c) Some USA sites for LBGs, and parents etc Sites which co-ordinate links to other sites
Presbyterian Parents of Gays & Lesbians Inc
'Parents Friend (USA)'
Universal Fellowship of MCC