'RELUCTANT JOURNEY'  (well past its 6th Print)

*Is recommended reading in some Ordinand Training Colleges, in the Baptist Church's 'Making Moral Choices', by the Salvation Army's 'Salvationist' Publication, by the former 'Wholeness' Magazine,and by Support Groups for LBGs and their Parents*

Copies of 'Reluctant Journey' have gone to English-speaking people & organisations in - USA, Australia, Uganda, S.Africa, Siberia, Poland and several European Countries, as well as the UK, and is reputedly translated into Russian!.

'Reluctant Journey' also features in two anthologies - 'Journeys across the Rainbow' (Rainbow Pride Press, USA), & 'Courage to love' by Geoffrey Duncan (Darton, Longman & Todd)


The following are comments about 'Reluctant Journey' from just a few readers and reviewers. There are many, many more;

**'The Salvationist' - RJ is totally Biblical. All Christians... would benefit from reading this sensible, sensitive book

**John Burgeson, Scientist - You can add my accolades to your reviews!

**A Professor - Your painstaking analysis of the Biblical references is excellent

**NT Scholar- This is the most thorough exegesis on the matter I have seen

**Rev Dr Leslie Griffiths, MA - I really do hope people read and study your book - the clear pastoral objective is both edifying and instructive

** I cannot thank you enough - I needed your book - it has changed my life

**URC Moderators & Ministers - Your book is very helpful and much appreciated

** I cried with relief as I read it - all the way through

**A Priest - Your book is excellent. Thank you

** I have waited nearly 30 years for this!

**Salvation Army Commissioner- RJ will be most helpful in my ministry

** Everybody's saying 'Just the thing for my parents'

**A Teacher - I find it very convincing - it's a good contribution

** I read RJ on the train to York, and on the return to London, then went straightway to buy two copies for friends

**Religious broadcaster and others- RJ is a truly remarkable little book

**A Deaconess - Your study and conclusions are very clear. Thank you

**A Carer - I have long worked with AIDS patients and have heard with sorrow stories of Christian prejudice. I was so relieved to read your book

**Salvationist writer- RJ is practical, on target and very useful

**Methodist Minister- I had a feeling that the Bible was being misused on this issue. I am happy to accept your findings

**Rev Dr Leonard Barnett- I read RJ with great interest and complete sympathy

**Rev Dr.(well known hymnwriter/theologian) - I commend you for writing RJ

'Reluctant Journey' is the story of the pilgrimage of faith of an evangelical preacher and his wife, both committed Christians, from homophobia to a ministry of 'support and Christian love' for gay Christians

'RELUCTANT JOURNEY' - well past its 6th Printing

Copy might still be available - if so cost will be approx*£4;  send cheque payable to EFLGC  to:

Flat 3
7 Upper Tollington Park
London  N4 3EJ
United Kingdom

* For ordering elsewhere, see note in Title Verse


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