'Oppressors never offer freedom; it must be claimed by the oppressed'  Martin Luther King
'The Lord executes righteousness and judgment for all that are oppressed' Psalm 103 v6
Neither death nor life, nor anything in all creation, can separate us from the love
of God in Jesus Christ

The blessing of our gracious God be with you at this time

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for inclusive Christians!

from George Hopper, author of


(Click for Reviews of 'Reluctant Journey', countries to which it has gone, anthologies in which it features, and sources of recommendation AND for ORDERING copies if still available)

a retired scientist/engineer, local preacher and inclusive christian, and Carol, until June 2002, when she died ; we have children and grandchildren.

In 1992 I went from being anti-gay to a simple ministry of friendship, support and christian love, for lesbian and gay Christians, especially.

My wife soon followed and we made many good, kind Christian friends from the gay community.

Why did this happen? We were/are not gay, and none of our family or extended family are gay!

'RELUCTANT JOURNEY' tells how it happened, and where we

were in 1996 when I finished the book.

Much has happened since,

but that's another


What's in the website?

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Various Articles of news, information and encouragement!

And ...................

The text of 'RELUCTANT JOURNEY' with Addenda  (further exegeses not in the book).

This is not a flashy site with bells and whistles. It simply tells the profound true story of my being led by God from homophobia to Christian love for homosexuals, Christians especially.

The book has gone to many people and several parts of the English-speaking world, and has been translated in other languages by those who want to see it available to others in their part of the world. It has helped and encouraged many lesbigays who struggle with their faith and sexuality and others who had decided to give up; parents of gay children who find it hard to cope or understand; and 'straight' christians and others who struggle to understand homosexuality within the context of faith or morality. We have received many letters and messages telling how much 'RELUCTANT JOURNEY' (and this website) has helped; not a few have brought tears to our eyes.

So I want others who may not have heard of it or read it, to have the opportunity to do so. If you have found it helpful, perhaps you will consider telling others about it.

It gives back to homosexuals, many of whom are now good Christian friends, the self-esteem and knowledge that God cherishes them, things which should never have been taken away. While the many ugly injustices affecting the lives of homosexual people are slowly being addressed, they are being hurt by bigotry and prejudice, (there are websites with some truly offensive material about gay people, much from so-called 'Christian' ministers, esp ranting tele-'evangelists')

The main purpose of this site is to encourage those who are hurting, and those who love them. Also to challenge and enlighten, through our experience and Biblical understanding, those who like Peter of old (Acts 10) are prepared to open their minds to the truth about a persecuted people who are beloved of God. As Archbishop Tutu said:   'To deny they are children of God must be nearly the ultimate blasphemy'

NB. While I hold the copyright of 'RELUCTANT JOURNEY', you can download it, use it, distribute it, but only as a whole - for free!

Hard copy may still be available - see 'Titleverse' in the book.


Perhaps the following may help.

I am a retired professional scientist/engineer; amateur astronomer; serious Bible reader/student; open-minded, inclusive, evangelical Christian; local preacher in the METHODIST CHURCH, and a supporter of;

+LGCM (Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement),

+EFLGC (Evang'al Fell'ship for LesGayChristians)

+ESSEX GROUP of LGCM, (the local group),

We also have had past links with;



See links to these and others!

I believe the Gospel of Christ, the heart of which is the love of God for all people.  Gospel brings reconciliation with God and all God's creation; new life, love and hope.

My vision and prayer is for an inclusive, non-judgmental society and church (who is in a position to 'cast the first stone'?) where ALL who respect others are welcome to join in the common life of the church, to explore together what 'love', the central teaching of Jesus, means in our lives and  relationships, and in life generally.

May God bless you with love, peace and joy

George Hopper

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